CSBT attend Hoare Lea Sustainability Workshop

Nicole from CSBT had a very interesting visit to the offices of Hoare Lea in Plymouth on Thursday 12th February to attend a Sustainability Workshop. Hoare Lea are consulting engineers specialising in Mechanical and Electrical areas of construction, and are working with CSBT on the Green Build Hub.

The workshop was presented by Ashley Bateson, Partner at the firm and responsible for their sustainability division.

Issues covered included the change in Part L of the Building Regulations in the UK (which refers to the conservation of heat and power in a building), BREEAM 2014 updates, carbon offsetting of construction projects and the ‘soft landings’ approach to handover of buildings on completion.

The 2013 updates to Part L of the building regs were implemented in 2014 and aim to reduce CO2 emissions in residential properties by 6% and 9% in commercial on previous standards

Fuel emissions factors have been changed – see slide below


BREAM 2014 updates: some headlines for new construction projects:

  • Credits for a building’s adaptability to climate change
  • Sustainable procurement – responsible sourcing of materials
  • Sustainability Champion
  • Buildings over 1,000 m² required to have an appropriate energy monitoring and management system and smaller ones to have suitable meter outputs.
  • Passive design analysis added
  • Designing for durability and resilience now an added factor

A BREEAM Excellent rating in 2011 would have to score 75.28% but in 2014 this was reduced to 70.87%.

For rural areas there has been a relaxing of the cycle storage requirements – by 50% if 10 miles from an urban area (if 20 miles, reduced by 70% and 30 miles, reduced by 90%).

There is also now less emphasis on low carbon technologies to score points and more emphasis on low carbon design.