About CSBT

Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust

Our vision is a Cornwall where hard to heat and hard to treat homes are a thing of the past and where all buildings in Cornwall are healthy, sustainable and life enhancing.

CSBT is a charity which was established in 2002. We have been working towards our vision by delivering training, developing the green building sector and supporting the supply chain. We are recognised as leading the sector in Cornwall and have partnered with organisations including Cornwall College, Cornwall Council and the Eden Project. Since 2013 we have led two EU-funded Interreg projects, extending our influence both nationally and internationally.

2015 will be the start of a new era for CSBT, with the completion of our own base at the Eden Project; the Green Build Hub. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, this is the culmination of a decade’s work which will enable us to deliver training for all, cutting edge services to business and a unique experience to the visiting public.

What we believe

CSBT believes that a safe and comfortable place to live and work is a basic need that should be available to all. To achieve this sustainably it is necessary to build with thought and care which aims to cut out waste.

Buildings should be healthy environments that are efficient and meet our needs harmoniously. Since the industrial revolution most of the buildings which have been constructed are very wasteful and inefficient. One of society’s biggest challenges is to rectify this by retrofitting which CSBT is taking a strong lead in.

CSBT Training

Please visit our Training page to learn more about the range of well received training courses, seminars, conferences and events that we run.

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