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Cornwall Sustainable Building Guide

The Cornwall Sustainable Building Guide has been developed in partnership with Cornwall Council and Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust (CSBT). The aim of this Guide is to give advice on how to ‘green up’ existing buildings. The Guide is to be used by all building occupants and developers from the individual householder to the larger scale developer who might be altering, extending or refurbishing an existing development. The information in this Guide can also help towards the submission of a planning application. For more information and to download the Cornwall Sustainable Building Guide visit the link below:

Cornwall Council Planning & Building Control Guide to Sustainability

Our Planning and Building Control Guide to Sustainability contains everything you need to know about sustainability including;

  • Why sustainability is important
  • Energy consumption in buildings
  • Using energy efficiently
  • Planning and Building Regulation requirements
  • What is zero carbon?
  • Renewable energy
  • Water management
  • The existing housing stock

Improving Energy Efficiency in Historic Cornish Buildings

This informativeĀ guide and information on the Townscape Heritage Initiatives at Camborne, Roskear, Tuckingmill can be accessed from the following two links on the Council’s website:

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